NetGear Nighthawk Ethernet Switch Review

NetGear Nighthawk Ethernet Switch Review

When it comes to Ethernet switches, there is a slew of terms floating in the market – for example, routers, hubs, and switches. However, a majority of people don’t particularly care what a computing network is named – what they are interested in is how it works.

To be honest – that is a somewhat shortsighted approach. That is because you never know when there will be a problem with your Ethernet switch regardless of whether you have the product installed in your organization or your home.

NetGear Nighthawk Ethernet Switch Package

There are bound to be complications sooner or later – which is why you need to understand the importance of selecting the best Ethernet switch – especially when it comes to your gaming needs. The first prerequisites of enjoying a multi-player RPG online is a fast internet connection and a seamless Ethernet switch.

About The Product

The most substantial thing to consider other than the price of the product is how many devices are you planning using the Ethernet switch for – that is because a majority of routers come with 5 to 8, 9 to 12 or 13 to 24 and even 48 ports.

Increasing the number of ports will also raise the price of the product. But if you enjoy a quality gaming experience along with fast internet connectivity with decreased latency and zero lag – there is nothing better than the NetGear Nighthawk S-8000!

The Ultimate In Gaming Ethernet Switches

When you talk about gaming – the most streamlined way you can connect your console or computer is through a Gigabit connection. And that is where the NetGear Nighthawk shines the brightest – the company has transcended gamer expectations to a whole new level with the S-8000.

With 8-port connectivity, you can rig your gaming console – the PlayStation, Wii, Xbox and a multitude of other devices without any hassle at all.

You connect your computer and laptop – and basically, any other device that requires zero-lagging and fast connectivity. Another reason you should opt for the Nighthawk is the fact you can configure the device as per your specifications.

The S-8000 is a highly versatile Ethernet switch. Plus, you can even access NetGear’s web interface to individually configure every port on the device for specific services – for example, media streaming (Netflix), online gaming (Fortnight) and even Voice over Internet Protocol.

Once you complete the settings, you can leave the rest to the device as it will prioritize each connection automatically and by those specific services.

Moreover, the Nighthawk-GS808E is built-in with link aggregation support – and that means gamers can combine a total of 4 ports into one, high-speed internet connections – (up to 4 Gigabytes per second!). That features works in-tandem with NAS servers as well as gaming rigs.

NetGear Nighthawk Ethernet Switch Ports

The feature is excellent for players that want to host multiple servers for a LAN party – which is where on systems host more than one gaming sections at a time!


According to NetGear, the Nighthawk is built for hassle-free and seamless internet connectivity – automatically integrating with another S-8000 model or different versions of the same brand. In light of this, mentioned below are some exciting features you should keep in mind:

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    Premium Zinc Alloy – Designed with a soft-touch and slip-free base – labeled as the "Cool Touch"
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    The product is for one-click configuration and presets with optimized settings for a slew of specific connections such as media and streaming, VoIP and gaming
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    The product is built-in with two connections (user-defined)
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    The S-8000 is port-based – plus, the product is also 802.1p-DSCP-configured with Quality of Services for four levels of NTP – (Network Traffic Prioritization)
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    Built-in with automatic DoS prevention software (Denial of Service)
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    The Nighthawk comes with loop detection and BSC (Broadcast Storm Controls)
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    The product has rate limiting as well as priority queuing for enhanced and streamlined bandwidth allocation
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    Thanks to port trunking and LAG (short for link aggregation), the Nighthawk can perform more than 1 gigabytes per second and up to four Gbps

Nighthawk Set Up

One of the best things about S-8000 Ethernet switch is the fact you can set it up in a matter of minutes. Plus, you do not need any software for installation. Why? Well, that is because the product has a web-based installation set up – which isn't anything different if you compare the Nighthawk with other Ethernet switches on the market.

However, what you forget when it comes to traditional routers is that you need to manually insert an address to the switch – which in turn is a dynamic process – and can be a bit irritating at times. That is where the Nighthawk is different!

What Others Are Saying

Users are ecstatic about the Nighthawk Ethernet switch as it is so seamless and quick to configure. However, a majority of users were just impressed by how they could set up the router to for multiple device integrations.

Some buyers even use one Nighthawk switch for three to four different devices, which includes computers, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones, etc.!

NetGear Nighthawk Ethernet Switch


Plus, the devices also come with mounting holes for added convenience. Moreover, a majority of buyers have stated that the product’s performance has been nothing less than perfection with no sudden disconnect, freezes or stuttering.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the NetGear Nighthawk Ethernet switch in under $73 with free shipping on Amazon. The device supports eight ports and users can connect a slew of different devices and gaming consoles seamlessly and minimal guidelines (provided by the manual).

The product is ideal for avid online gamers that need a fast and reliable internet connection for overall performance and zero lagging.

Plus, the device has both plug-and-play and L2 switch capabilities – making the product unmatched when compared to a variety of top-notch Ethernet switches.

Final Verdict

With a budget-friendly price and slew of vital features and functionalities, there is little that you can ask for after the Nighthawk elevates your gaming experience!

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