NetGear Unmanaged 16-Port Ethernet Switch Review

NetGear Unmanaged 16-Port Ethernet Switch Review

There is no question that an Ethernet switch is a critical part of computer networking components. The device enables you to connect a multitude of different devices via the same hub. Sure, there is a slew of routers that offer up to four ports. However, these are only suitable for a small set up.

There is no doubt every single workgroup and home needs networking components. The general prerequisite for Ethernet switches has led to a plethora of switches that you can choose from – however, you need to settle for the best product.

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You need something up to date – a product that can last you a long time and offer you seamlessly and hassle-free networking solutions.

However, you should go for an option that built for heavy online traffic – especially when it comes to gaming or critical networking – one that transpires in prominent organizations. Moreover, your Ethernet switch must have plenty of ports to connect with different devices and multimedia options.

About The Product

If you think wired networking is a thing of the past – then it is probably time that you wake up. There is no way that functionality is every going to fade away. But with a consistent upgrade in information technology and computing innovations; these enhancements call for faster products that can act as an extension of your networking systems.

The primary function of Ethernet switches and components is to ascertain streamlined and seamless inter-device networking and connectivity all around your IT atmosphere. When you talk about the best Ethernet switch money can buy – then there is no question you should opt for the 16-port NetGear Unmanaged router.

The Best Of The Best

With the GS116, there is no doubt you can rig together a robust, streamlined and fast network on a comparatively small scale. The Ethernet switch enables you to build a network that will allow you to transfer massive system and data files across multiple devices quick as lightning. 

With speeds of up to 2000 megabytes per second and on each port in the device, the device is also built-in with functionality that protects and saves all future as well as present networking infrastructures.

 The device does this by seamlessly integrating different tools – no matter how many there are – as well as prioritizing layer-two 802.1p tags.

The Ethernet switch is built-in with a multitude of features – the switch is highly versatile and adaptable as it supports gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, Macintosh as well as Windows operating systems.


The NetGear 16-port GS116 is a budget-friendly networking component that can help you exponentially enhance your set up to Gigabit speeds. The GS116 Ethernet switch is long lasting and fast.

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One of the best things about the device is the fact it is perfect for workgroups, LAN parties, conferences and small office setups. Moreover, the metal-cased product does not have a fan – so the product generates no noise at all! Here are a short list features:

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    The product has 16-port – you can use the device to connect Mbps device ranging from 10 and 100 to 1000
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    The GS116 is a premium standard – offering up to 2000 megabytes per second on every single switch port
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    The versatility of the Ethernet switch is excellent – you can integrate 10 to 100 to 1000 Mbps connections and devices without changing the network
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    Another reason to go for the 16-port switch is the fact every single port automatically senses the correct speed at different modes – such as half or full Duplex
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    Every single one of the 16 ports (RJ-45s) has LED integration – which is what will enable you to monitor your network connections and internet speed
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    The product comes with a wall-mount option – or you could place the Ethernet switch anywhere in your room
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    The Ethernet switch is straightforward to set up – there are no dynamic actions involved – you can access the NetGear web page to see a variety of functionalities. But basically, the device is plug-and-play – perfect for gamers
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    The products come with a wall-mount kit – a guide for easy installation – a warranty and customer tech support card and an AC adapter

What Others Are Saying

Buyers are overly excited about the NetGear 16-Port GS116 Ethernet switch, and there are a lot of reasons why that is true!

For starters, a majority of users have stated that the device does not – even for a second – show any signs of lagging. The product is flawless when it comes to stuttering, freezing and disconnecting – you will never have to worry about these complications ever again!

NetGear Unmanaged 16-Port Ethernet Switch


Moreover, the Ethernet switch offers users an unprecedented capability to hard-wire different types of devices without any worry that connecting to any other network may result in a LAG or fearing loss of internet speed. So, you can play online games and watch Netflix at the same time without any worries at all!

Buying Advice

There is no doubt that NetGear Unmanaged 16-port Ethernet switch offers reliability with QoS (Quality of Service) – prioritizing different devices that need varying internet speeds in regards to the connected devices.

Plus, the GS116 has a metal body – which guarantees durability – plus, you can place it on your desktop or anywhere else in your room. Or you could choose to mount the device – that is strictly up to you! The product is available in one color – dark metal, which gives an excellent, sleek visual aesthetics.

Final Verdict

When it comes to Ethernet switches, it doesn't get any better than the NetGear Unmanaged 16-port model – it is excellent for both small and large work environments, house, gaming, and whatnot!

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