TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Review

TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Review

Whether you are running a home-based company or a part of a multinational organization, it is essential to establish a network that can meet the standards of evolving requirements. In this regard, 8-Port Ethernet Switch is a hardwired connection with super-fast speed that facilitates organizations or home-based offices - connecting different devices to a single network.  

8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch helps you obtain a seamless connection with its POE function that supports at least four auto-negotiation ports. You can expand networks and fix many devices like IP Camera, IP phones, and APs even there are no power outlets.

TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Package

Buyers have opted for this option as it is not only a smart way to connect the multiple computers but is less costly and is designed with gigabit-ports. The fast network switch has an aim to mitigate the requirement of the standalone switch with its integrated four ports. It allows the user to extend the network by connecting a home router with it.

About The Product

Investing in the 8-Port Gigabit Switch is an ideal solution to all of your network connection problems. This managed switch comes with multiple additional features to help you achieve and shape the network flow on the computers. It further provides you excellent LAN capability and allows you handle Spanning Tree Protocol.

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    Works with 15.4 W PoE power to support each PoE port
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    Works with 8-Gigabit ports for a fast auto-negotiation sensing  
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    Has a secure power transfer with 4 PoE ports
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    You do not require any installation and configuration for small, home-based offices
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    Works with 54 W PoE power to support all PoE ports
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    Has 802.3 PoE IEEE compliant PDs
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    Provides full-duplex mode with flow control of IEEE 802.3
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    Comes with LED indicator to monitor activity, speed, link, and power
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    Has 8k MAC address with an auto-learning and auto-aging system

TP-link, as a network specialist, has taught all the essential elements in 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch that make it a perfect network switch for a home user. Also, Switching to Wireless network devices allows buyers to save money as it is one of the cost-effective and efficient ways to increase productivity.

The first impression of the Ethernet switch with its sleek and compact metal casing is positive. With a reassuring heft, the network switch is 1 inch high, 7 inches wide and is 4 inches deep that add up to its compact design to be placed anywhere at home or office. The full-version is of 299 mm that incorporates 8 PoE network ports.

On the other side of the device, it shows four ports for PoE functionality, and due to this feature, this exceptional network switch stands out from rest of the managed network switches.  Working with four ports of 802.2 of, Gigabit Ethernet Switch supplies a total power of 55W.

By implementing PoE standards up to 802.3 of, TP-link has ensured to provide each port an immense power to push 15.4W within Ethernet cable to further supply to the compatible devices. The recipient devices use only 12.96W upon receiving this power due to the transfer resistance through the long wires.

Small setups where there is a need to connect various networks –attached devices like VoIP phones, security cameras, PoE with multiple ports has a significant functionality.

TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Ports

With its 53W down-the – wire current power limit, 8-Port switch advocates in surveillance, and establishing a standard hub to connect other PoE devices. Moreover, running the machines concurrently, the switch network can withstand Ethernet load up to 46.2W.

No longer do you have to worry about long and hectic processes of installation when it comes to working with network switches. The TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet Switch is not only incredibly easy to install but to use also.It does not require any prior configuration and installation as its mountable design works perfectly with all models of desktops. 

Ensuring outstanding performance, the Gigabit Ethernet Switch expands office networks and provides a super-fast and powerful power flow. It consumes only 6W while transferring data to various gigabit networks. Also, this efficient switch network comes equipped with an overload arrangement to protect your system. 

The system automatically cuts off the lower-priority port if there is any discrepancy in the power supply or if PoE power consumption is higher than its power budget capacity.  This overload arrangement enables you to understand the power consumption and size of attached PoE devices and keeps them protected from any power failure.



  • Works with a maximum wattage of 55 W
  • 4 Ports to support PoE
  • 24/7 tech and customer support
  • No installation and configuration required
  • None

What Others Are Saying

Buyers are highly impressed with the impeccable fast expansion of the networks with the help of the TP-Link Ethernet Switch. They have expressed over multiple platforms regarding its mounting capability and compatibility with DSL routers. Buyers, particularly IT professionals, have considered this network switch as a must-to-have a device to increase work productivity.

Moreover, people who used the device for surveillance cameras and other PoE supported devices have also appreciated the smooth function of 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

Buying Advice

Most of the users raised concerns regarding the security of traffic arriving via an ineligible port. According to them, this inappropriate traffic can have access to any port whether VLAN configuration supports it or not.  

TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch


Other than this minor fault, buyers are delighted with both price and performance of network switches. If you are interested in buying, the product is available on Amazon under $232.

Final Verdict

All in all, if you are looking for an advance and power network switch to support your desktops or other devices, this wireless Ethernet Switch is the best option. With a robust capacity of 4 ports, it creates a secure network and increases your work efficiency and productivity.

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