TP-Link 8-Port Unmanaged Network Switch Review

TP-Link 8-Port Unmanaged Network Switch Review

If you are looking for a high-powered device with multiple ports and easy-to-connect wireless access, T-P Links offers you some excellent options.   With reliable Gigabit compatibility, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch entails some top-notch high-tech components to enhance your work efficiency by providing fast data transferring on your network.   

Equipped with some more advanced features, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch does not only have a stylish design, but it expands your office network if you have a sole proprietorship. It has LED indicators that enable you to run a check on your network’s speed, power, and connection activity. It serves you as a backbone connection making Gigabit a desktop reality.

TP-Link 8-Port Unmanaged Network Switch Package

Buyers who are energy savvy and want to save power consumption; TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch is an ideal device as it works with energy-efficient technology. The smart network switch has an aim to provide a convenient way to supply Gigabit Ethernet.

About The Product

For performance enthusiasts, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch is an efficient device that advertises an excellent switching capacity to boost the quality of your connection speed. The network switch is on a mission to provide 8 - Ports Gigabit function at the lowest possible price.

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    Comes with an easy-to-install setup
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    Provides speedy connectivity to modem and router
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    Comes with 8-Ports Gigabit Ethernet with auto-negotiation to expand networks
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    Has Fanless, desktop design
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    Entails flow control up to IEEE 802.3 for a reliable transference of data
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    Comes with auto-negotiation
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    Comes with Power Saving technology 

Generating adequate traffic on the network, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch works perfectly for most of the home users or people working with their small, individual office set –up. However, when it comes to making a performance impression, TP-Link, as a manufacturer never fails to live up to its customer’s expectations.

TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch in this regard is quintessential and provides an uninterrupted transitioning of Gigabit Ethernet.

It further helps you increase your network speed and subnet traffic with its robust TL-SG 1008D eight ports. These non-blocking high Mbps ports accelerate instant transferring of intensive files regardless the fact of their size and bandwidth by forwarding them with maximum wire speed.

If you are already exhausted with long and hectic installation process whenever it comes to using network switches, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch is a go-to device for you.

Designed with an extremely convenient ‘plug and play’ feature, Gigabit Network Switch is entirely hassle-free. Unlike other similar devices, it does not require any prior configuration before you install it.

Moreover, to reduce the chances of crossover cables, it comes equipped with auto-MDIX that stimulates auto-negotiation. The process helps ports detect the network speed to adjust it for an optimal and compatible performance.

What stands out with all these features is its energy saving technology that makes TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch unique among all competitors. This new generation technology allows you to save up to 80% power by automatically adjusting the power consumption while using the network Switch.

It limits the excess carbon footprints if the cable length or link status is detected consuming extra power. TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch minimizes the power consumptions of unused ports, consequently making the device energy efficient.

TP-Link  Unmanaged Network Switch Ports

Also, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch entails LED indicators that make it easy for you to detect and trace the correct problem of the network switch. The diagnostic indicators start flashing and display network activities and link status whenever there is interference between the networks. 

Not only this, TP-Link Gigabit Network Switch is compatible with all Ethernet devices that make it a worthy investment for all Mbps models. It ensures faster network as it supports 8 Gigabit ports and network capacity of 16gpbps.

With overall 3W consumption of Boot power, Gigabit Network Switch shows impressive performance in tackling different networks. The device ensures to give considerable power saving if you compare it with T-Plink other traditional switches.  

The company also provides a limited warranty, but 24/7 tech support to its customers.  You can consult with company’s technician anytime in case of any damage within 30 days.  Thus, the product does not only increase your work productivity but facilitates you with reliable customer service.



  • Allows large data transfer
  • Eco-friendly saves 80% energy
  • Has quite an operation with Fanless design
  • Easy-to-install and use
  • Cost-effective
  • None

What Others Are Saying

The product has received 80% of buyers’ approval for its impressive and exceptional performance. Most of them found Gigabit Network Switch a perfect product to connect all their wireless devices at the same time.

Its compact design helped buyers establish a secure network that enhanced their work efficiency.  From easy installation to a seamless high-performance, buyers appreciated this leading network switch for its advanced and integrated features.  

Moreover, the product has received positive feedback from many IT professionals whip upgraded their networks into Gigabit Network Switch. According to them, the innovative device entails a matchless wire-speed to boost the overall network performance.

Buying Advice

Gigabit Network Switch has been a successful device that did not only satisfy its customers but is also strongly recommended by them. Apparently, there are no serious concerns raised by buyers regarding the performance of the network switch except some of them highlighted that device is not wall mountable.

TP-Link 8-Port Unmanaged Network Switch


However, T-P Link Gigabit Network Switch has the mountable option as it comes with small and light holes on the back of the device. Buyers can buy nails and screws if they want it to hang on the wall. Other than that, this network switch is highly inexpensive with all its unique features. If you are an interested buyer, the product is available on Amazon under $30.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, with its power-packed performance, Gigabit Network Switch undeniably has become the device of your needs.

It caters all the network issues and manages the high traffic flow with its nonblocking architecture. Overall, it is budget-friendly and one of the most versatile additions to home businesses, incorporating all the needed features for high performance.

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